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free online typing test
Free Online Typing Test | Check Your Typing Speed & Accuracy
Programming Art developed this FREE Shockwave typing test that you can take right in your browser window. After typing a short paragraph, you can analyze your typing speed with a finger-by-finger accuracy breakdown. The typing test results also include your Words Per Minute, Keystrokes Per Minute, and Adjusted Words Per Minute. Works with standard and Dvorak keyboard layouts. Check out our full-featured product Key Advantage Typing Tutor if your test results could use some additional help.
Math Challenges
Math Challenges | Practice Multiplication, Division, Addition or Subtraction
Kids and Adults alike will enjoy sharpening their mathematics skills with these FREE shockwave math programs. You can use all of them right in your browser window. They are great for practicing the multiplication table, division table, addition and subtraction. Get as many math questions correct as you can, then view your grading report and see how you did! This program does things those old flash cards can only dream of. Features unlimited random timed lessons in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Can you master the Math Challenges?
Free Tutorials | Learn About "programming" & "art"
We've got tutorials for Adobe Photoshop users, Adobe Imageready users, Macromedia Flash users, Macromedia Director Lingo users, and more. Step by step guides with screenshots will have you working like a pro in no time.
Free Screensavers | The Vector Trance Awaits!
Try out our free screen savers on your computer desktop! Our professionally designed screensavers with audio will keep your monitor from catching on fire and please your eyes at the same time.
Free Utilities | Need a cool Shockwave/Flash app?
Check out Programming Art's Flash utilities section. Easy to use and available with no downloads. For starters, you can calculate the payments on that car you've had your eye on.
Free Games
Free Games | Free Shockwave Games
Our growing selection of free shockwave games has a little something for everybody. Try your luck at Vegas style blackjack or test your brain with our Math Challenges. It's not like you have work to do anyways!
Free Software | You know that Ninja Calculator you've always wanted?
We've developed these free programs just for you. Make sure you don't miss the infamous Ninjalator! Everyone needs a ninja-based calculator with throwing stars for buttons.
Desktop Images
Free Desktop Images | Does your desktop need a makeover?
Our artists have put together some free images for you to use on your desktop or anywhere else.
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