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Download Ninjalator: The Free Skinnable Calculator:

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Ninjalator | The Only Free Skinnable Calculator with Throwing Star Buttons (that we know of)

Ninjalator is a calculator utility developed here at Programming Art. It's fully functional and you can also skin it with your own images! What could be better than you own calculator with throwing stars for buttons? Restore honor to your desktop and help support the ninja calculator movement by disposing of your boring calculator today!

Ninjalator Features:
  • Create your own skins or use your favorite ninja photos
  • Fully functional calculator packed with features, including a yummy special surprise
  • Avoid the shame associated with using ordinary calculators
  • Completely FREE

Screenshot of Ninjalator:

image 1
Main Screen

User Submitted Ninjalator Backgrounds:
image 1
Submitted by Lexi
image 1
Submitted by Lexi
image 1
Submitted by Lexi
image 1
Submitted by Lexi
image 1
Submitted by Lexi

Free Calculator Requirements:

PC system Requirements:
Pentium II or higher recommended
Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP
32 MB or more of installed RAM

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