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Free Tutorials | Flash | PhotoShop | Director/Shockwave

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials | Great PhotoShop Tips

10 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Photoshop!
We've put together a list of 10 favorite Photoshop tricks, tips, and shortcuts. You're sure to find something incredibly useful.
Making a Banner Ad in Imageready
Using our very own Mouse Tamer ad, I'm going to show you how to create fantastic animated banner ads using Adobe Imageready and Adobe Photoshop.
Wood Texture Tutorial
This tutorial shows you how to make great wood textures for your 3d models and drawings using the tools Photoshop has to offer.

Macromedia Flash Tutorials | Common Flash Topics

Using Local Shared Objects
Local Shared Objects are Flash MX's answer to cookies. You can use them to store locally persistent data on a user's machine, and retrieve it next time your movie executes!
Controlling Volume via the Sound Object
Dynamically controlled sounds played directly from the library can only be realized by using this versatile object. Get a great start on using the sound object in your movies!
Creating an Animated Advanced Preloader
Create a full featured professional Flash preloader for all of your Flash projects. Step by step details and FREE source files.

Macromedia Director Tutorials | Director/Shockwave Programming

Building A Card Game in Director
Learn how to make a card game, but also get some experience with objects, behaviors, and other Director basics.
Animation Object Tutorial - Single Frame Animations
If you need to create dynamic animations at runtime, you'll want to learn about single-frame animations.
How to Build a Timer Object Using Lingo
Check out this tutorial for an example of how to make a timer object using object oriented programming with Lingo.

Programming Art Tutorials | Tips for Programming Art Originals

Scheduling Tasks with Mouse Tamer
This tutorial shows you how to schedule Programming Art's very own Mouse Tamer using the command line arguments so that you can run scripts at any time!

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