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Scheduling Tasks with Mouse Tamer
Mouse Tamer has always been a powerful automation tool and our new version, 2.0 [With Keyboard Control] makes it even more powerful. In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to schedule Mouse Tamer using the new command line arguments so that you can run scripts at any time! Just for this tutorial, make sure you have the file Pbrush.exe in your windows folder on your hard drive [it comes with windows in that default location so you're probably all set]. Windows XP users should have mspaint.exe in their system32 folder. And don't forget to say something about this tutorial if you need to.

1. First, you need to download Mouse Tamer for free right here. I've put together a little script for you to demonstrate Mouse Tamer's new scheduling ability. So download this script [it's only 11Kb] and put it somewhere handy like your desktop. Also, remember to disable looping and change your playback speed to 8 or so before you play back the script. Don't play it back yet though, it's a surprise!

2. OK, now we're going to set up the scheduling aspect of this tutorial. You need to find the Windows Task Scheduler. It should be in your Start Menu under "System Tools" [it's called "Scheduled Tasks" there], and most PC's come with it already in the System Tray as well. Find it and open it. Now double click on "Add Scheduled Task". A wizard will pop up to help you out, so click Next on that first window. Now click on Browse and navigate to your mousetamer.exe file [it's default location is C:\program files\programmingart\mousetamer\mousetamer.exe] and click the radio button next to "One Time Only". Hit Next again and for the time and day just select 7 or 8 minutes from your current time so you can see the results right away. Hit next again and it will inform you that you have successfully scheduled the task, but don't forget this IMPORTANT step: make sure you have "Open Advanced properties for this task when I click finish" selected!

3. Now the properties window will pop and in the Run field you should see something like "C:\Program Files\programmingart\Mousetamer\mousetamer.exe" Just make sure it's the path to your Mouse Tamer executable. Now to have Mouse Tamer run our script when it starts up we need to add another line of text at the end. Basically just the path to the script file itself. So for example if you put the script on your desktop like I suggested then your complete Run field should read : "C:\Program Files\programmingart\Mousetamer\mousetamer.exe" "C:\Windows\Desktop\tutorial.mtm" Please make sure that the two arguments are separated by a space and both are surrounded by quotes. Finally hit OK to accept your changes.

4. Nice, that about does it. Now all you need to do is wait until your task executes [hopefully you didn't put 12 hours]. If all goes well Mouse Tamer should open itself and draw you a nice little picture with Paintbrush. Pretty neat eh? You can see that the possibilities here are truly endless. Schedule any script you want at any time you want, and you've got complete control.

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