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Take the free online typing test

Test your typing speed and accuracy with our free online typing test. Type a paragraph of text and view your finger-by-finger typing accuracy, your words per minute and your total typing accuracy. Take the free online typing test as many times as you like! (or at least until you can brag 60 WPM with 100% accuracy to your fellow typists) As you are taking the typing test, the text you type will turn from black to green. If you make a mistake, the text you type will turn red. The free online typing test will also report AWPM (adjusted words per minute) so it it not always important to correct every typing mistake. Typing accuracy is king, so be sure you don't sacrifice typing speed for typing accuracy. The free online typing test also supports the Dvorak layout, so if you're 2L2Q (too legit to quit for the Hammer-impaired), be sure to try the typing test with Dvorak. Because preferences vary, the free online typing test also lets you choose 1 or 2 spaces after each period. Ready? Set? Let's type!

Hey webmasters! The free online typing test is royalty free for your own website!

The README file contained in the download will explain how to put the free online typing test on your website. If you have any problems, you can always email Once you post the free online typing test on your own website, please email us and tell us (we love to see how the typing test is used and we may even post a link to your site). Happy typing!

You've taken the free online typing test, so now what?

Did you type 60 WPM with 100% typing accuracy? If so, then congrats! You're an expert typist. However, if you want to improve your typing, we can help you achieve your typing goals. Hopefully, the free online typing test has helped you gauge your current typing skill level. Key Advantage Typing Tutor is an excellent typing learning system which can benefit a typist of any skill level through detailed lessons and individually customized progress reports. Check it out and take your typing test scores to the next level!

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get shockwave

You need the Shockwave Player to practice your typing, get it here.

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